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TqdmCallback Objects#

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class TqdmCallback(keras.callbacks.Callback)

Keras callback for epoch and batch progress.


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def __init__(epochs=None, data_size=None, batch_size=None, verbose=1, tqdm_class=tqdm_auto, **tqdm_kwargs)


  • epochs: int, optional
  • data_size: int, optional
    Number of training pairs.
  • batch_size: int, optional
    Number of training pairs per batch.
  • verbose: int
    0: epoch, 1: batch (transient), 2: batch. [default: 1]. Will be set to 0 unless both data_size and batch_size are given.
  • tqdm_class: optional
    tqdm class to use for bars [default:].
  • tqdm_kwargs: optional
    Any other arguments used for all bars.


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def display()

Displays in the current cell in Notebooks.