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Customisable progressbar decorator for iterators. Includes a default range iterator printing to stderr.


>>> from tqdm import trange, tqdm
>>> for i in trange(10):
...     ...

TqdmWarning Objects#

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class TqdmWarning(Warning)

base class for all tqdm warnings.

Used for non-external-code-breaking errors, such as garbled printing.

TqdmExperimentalWarning Objects#

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class TqdmExperimentalWarning(TqdmWarning,  FutureWarning)

beta feature, unstable API and behaviour

TqdmMonitorWarning Objects#

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class TqdmMonitorWarning(TqdmWarning,  RuntimeWarning)

tqdm monitor errors which do not affect external functionality

TqdmDefaultWriteLock Objects#

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class TqdmDefaultWriteLock(object)

Provide a default write lock for thread and multiprocessing safety. Works only on platforms supporting fork (so Windows is excluded). You must initialise a tqdm or TqdmDefaultWriteLock instance before forking in order for the write lock to work. On Windows, you need to supply the lock from the parent to the children as an argument to joblib or the parallelism lib you use.